Bowie Tribute Bands and the Infinite Chill

Shooting concerts when you don’t work for a publication is tricky. Just today I got an email that said “We’ll put you on the list if not enough press photographers want in.” Like. Cool, but also ouch. So the best way to build your portfolio is to go local which is why I reached out to Thin White Dukes, Dallas’ premier David Bowie tribute band.

Heres’s what I learned about tribute bands over the weekend. They’re super chill and they let you do whatever you want. I got to go backstage, shoot onstage, and I found out I didn’t have to pay for a ticket. So cool and so much fun.

Here’s the thing, though. I’m a dumbass and my battery AND two SD cards didn’t last all night. What an amateur mistake. So I went home and spent every Amazon gift card I got for Christmas on backups. I am not going to look like that much of a dork again, that’s for sure.

I’ll write again in a year or when something interesting happens.